Frequently asked questions

Velux Windows

Are centre-pivot roof windows suitable for emergency escape?
No, centre-pivot roof windows are not suitable for emergency purposes.

Do I need an insulation and underfelt collar for my installation?
No, they’re not mandatory but will significantly improve the insulation and weatherproofing of the installation. We recommend them.

Can I install a standard VELUX window if I have a flat roof?
Yes, you can install a regular VELUX roof window into a flat roof using a flat roof kerb.

Do I really need a flashing kit?
Yes, the flashing kit is the only essential extra you’ll need for your roof window installation. Take a look at the Accessories page to see other, non-essential extras.

I only want to replace the dome. What should I measure?
If you want to replace the dome for your flat roof window, you’ll need to measure the external kerb size to get correct dimensions. You’ll find this information on the window’s serial badge - use the size/code specified to order.

Do I need to upgrade my glazing?
Upgrading your glazing is an easy way to increase the performance of your roof window. You’ll find a variety of glazing options to choose from on our VELUX glazing replacement page.

How do I open/close my out-of-reach roof window?
You can buy a telescopic pole control to open an out-of-reach roof window. Alternatively, you can upgrade to VELUX INTEGRA® using our electric and solar conversion kits. Have a look at our Accessories page for more details.

Do you offer installation?
No, we don’t, but you can look here for a list of Velux-regulated installers in Ireland.

Velux Blinds

Are VELUX blinds and accessories compatible with RoofLITE?
No, VELUX blinds and accessories are designed for VELUX products only.

Can I install a VELUX blind myself?
Yes, you can install a VELUX blind yourself in a matter of minutes. You’ll find all the instructions inside the box.

Can I add an electric blind to my INTEGRA® roof window at a later date?
Yes, electric blinds can be added to your INTEGRA® roof window at a later date. They can easily be added to the original INTEGRA® remote control afterwards.

How do I make sure the blind I order fits my VELUX roof window?
All our blinds are organised into categories. You can easily filter the blinds by type, size, colour and the year the window was manufactured to get the perfect fit.